Dog Grooming Burton on Trent

Dog Grooming Burton on Trent

Here at The Grooming Parlour, we offer Dog Grooming services to Burton on Trent and the surrounding areas, we know how to truly pamper your dogs and give them the quality of cut they need at a price you can afford!

Regular dog grooming is essential to good health as well as the comfort of your best friend.

Our servicescan be booked at a time to suit you (including weekends, evenings and bank holidays on request) and include a general health observation, bath in our state of the art hydro dog bathwith specialist shampoos, nail trimming, ear cleaning and of course coat trimming to the length and style you require, and that suits the breed of the dog and his/her body shape.

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We use the very best possible equipment - no cheap trimming scissors here - just the best quality scissors, trimmers, brushes, clippers etc that money can buy.

Our hydro dog bath cost a small fortune (and worth every penny!), not to mention the choice of dryers (including a blaster, which is particularly beneficial with loosening dead coat before it falls onto your carpet! And a silent dryer for our nervous or fragile little ones), we can even offer you a choice of colour enhancing or fragrant dog shampoos so your pet will leave smelling gorgeous as well as looking great!

We have many satisfied customers who bring their dogs back to us time after time so you can be sure that your pooch will enjoy his or her time with us. In fact several of our customers say they've tried other dog grooming Burton on Trent salons and they prefer our service and handling to all the rest! One of my ladies always says that if I give up grooming Daisy just won’t get groomed again!!!

Our prices, I'm sure you'll agree are very competitive.

The Grooming Parlour is a family business. In fact as well as myself looking after your four legged friend, there's also my Mum, who lends a hand when necessary, particularly with cats. We are both fully qualified to look after, bath and groom your pets.

As a professional salon we offer what we consider to be the perfect service for dog grooming Burton on Trent. We are convinced that your pooch will be happier with us than at any other dog grooming service in the area, they are not put on display in high traffic areas, and because we aim not to have more than one or two dogs in at any given time, we rarely feel the need to pop them into a cage… in fact some of my girls and boys who come to stay for many hours whilst their Mums and Dads are at work or continuing with their errands are encouraged to lounge on the chaise longues or sheepskin rug in the conservatory, whilst others prefer to bod about the garden or follow close at my heels and guard me at all times (Charlie you little Daschund!).

Whether you live in Burton on Trent itself or in the outlying villages of Stretton, Rolleston or Branston etc, we're just on your doorstep and would love to be of service.

If you don't have the time to bring your dog to our salon then we can come and collect him or her from you if you… and if you are at work all day, let me collect him/her before work and you can come to collect on your way home… with no additional stress or cost!

Whatever dog breeds and whatever the temperament of your dog, we're happy to groom them. We pride ourselves on being able to handle the most awkward dogs!

My name is Emma, and I would love it if you give me a call today on 07806 649289 and book our dog grooming service… I honestly know I’m ahead of my game with ongoing positive feedback, training refreshers, competitions and shows…

You dog will thank you!


Dog Grooming Burton on Trent

Dog Grooming
Burton on Trent

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